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Lemonade is changing the way people think about insurance. Say goodbye to battling the insurance company when you file a claim. At Lemonade, our motto is “Instant everything. Killer Prices. Big heart.” and we’re serious about all three.

So how do we make it happen?

By using cutting edge AI technology and eliminating traditional paperwork we can respond to claims instantly and more accurately. Unlike any other insurance company, we gain nothing by delaying or denying claims because we take a flat fee, so we handle and pay as many claims instantly as possible.

All this is possible because Lemonade is structured completely different than any other insurance company. When you pay us during your monthly subscription we take a small flat fee and the rest goes to covering your stuff. The money that isn’t paid out at for claims is donated to nonprofits you care about. This means we our desire for profit does not conflict with our duty to pay claims and we can give society a little push during our Giveback.

What is The Giveback?

Most insurance companies take leftover money at the end of the year as profits, but we think there is a better way. Instead of keeping this money, we plan to pay it forward to causes people care about. We want to help bring about positive social impact to local communities and global causes.

Signing up and using Lemonade is fast and easy. Maya, our charming artificial intelligence bot will craft the perfect insurance for you. Just answer a few of her questions and customize your policy through our intuitive website or app. Filing a claim is just as easy and just as fast. No more weeks of waiting and sitting on hold with your insurance provider. Once your claim is approved a decision will be made instantly, and pending approval you will be paid out immediately afterward. No this isn’t too good to be true. Check out our prices now.

Dealing with final expenses can create a lot of distress at a difficult time. Let SeniorPerk find the right provider for you that can provide coverage to help you pay for medical bills, funeral arrangements, legal paperwork and other end of life needs.

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