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Address common aches and pains with exclusive pricing! Oils, Creams, and even relief for your pet!

Scientifically crafted with all natural ingredients

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We’ve partnered with CBD and Health & Wellness manufacturer Your Wellness Direct to bring our members Full Spectrum CBD/Hemp Oil products. Address common aches and pains, and assist the body in reducing inflammation with as little as one drop each day.  Scientifically crafted with all natural ingredients and rich with phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other beneficial plant compounds, Your Wellness Direct CBD Products work with your body’s natural system to bring relief when you need it.

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

Your Wellness Direct tinctures are scientifically crafted with proprietary full spectrum formulations that employ a specialized terpene technology for targeted and tailored effects, as well as our proprietary nanoparticle delivery technology.

In normal-speak? YWD has enhanced nature’s best with superior formulations and science to bring you tinctures that are fast-acting, easy to absorb, and consistently effective.

Trust Through Transparency

All Your Wellness Direct CBD products are tested by third-party labs to ensure purity and potency, with current and historical results available.

Quality Control Through a Controlled Supply Chain
YWD produces pure extract oils with great care and crafts their products to meet exact specifications.

With seed-to-shelf integration and high-end processing and production capabilities, YWD has complete control over both quality and product formulation. YWD applies advanced cultivation, extraction and production processes to produce the highest quality, reliable and effective CBD oils—pure, potent and proven.

  • Advanced rectification capabilities ensure oils deliver correct percentages and retain all beneficial compounds
  • Ability to reconstitute oils to exact specifications
  • Expertise to formulate oils tailored for exact purposes and cannabinoid profiles
  • Nanosizing of key ingredients to maximize bioavailability
  • Third party tested and verified for purity and potency

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1500mg Oil - high potency in Mint and Natural flavors

500mg Cream - great for skin care and aches and pains

500mg Pet Oil - relief for your 4-legged friend